Vice Ink Tattoo | About
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Raoul Olbes and David Rapaport; long time friends, had both moved abroad for long periods of time after high school in the Philippines. Raoul found himself in the city of Las Vegas and David went to London. Being avid fans of tattoos, (they both started collecting ink in their teen years) they decided to take the influence of the shops they had seen abroad and combine it with their favorite local artists.

Not too long after they arrived the concept of Vice was being hatched by the two. In January 2010 Vice Ink opened its doors.

The shop has proven as the go to tattoo parlor for both locals and foreigners alike. Many artists have also made their way through the doors of Vice Ink Tattoo in Makati and have grown from their experiences and have even moved to open their own tattoo parlors in their home towns.

The one constant though is the Main tattoo artist who started the tattoo shop with the boys in Manila Philippines, Marlon Capuno. Learn more about him on the next page!

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